J. Quaglia Law meets with clients to ask pertinent questions about your investments, your family and the community initiatives that have touched your life. We will guide you through the process of developing a plan to manage your affairs through aging and infirmity, as well as the plan for eventually distributing your estate on death in the most tax efficient means possible. At J. Quaglia Law Office, we are dedicated to helping you secure your legacy and protect your loved ones. With our team of seasoned lawyers, and a client-centric approach, you can trust us to provide the legal guidance you need in the complex world of Wills and Estates.

Kurtina Hammerlein’s experience as a will’s lawyer is important to you, because…

  • after amassing a lifetime’s worth of assets you want to ensure that your estate is distributed to your family, friends, and favourite charities with as little fuss and expense as possible.
  • she understands that families today are complicated: second marriages, grandchildren with different biological parents, step-grandchildren, disabled children, and estranged children.

Kurtina will take time to listen to how your family is unique and assist you in developing a plan that best addresses those nuances. She understands that in some situations it is best to divide assets evenly, but in other circumstances it is best to divide assets equitably.

She is specially trained and has experience drafting unique structures that protect a beneficiary from losing ODSP benefits (including Henson Trusts), or second spouses from being “evicted” from the matrimonial home on the death of the home-owner.

Kurtina works closely with all of our local accountants and financial planners and will insure your will minimizes the taxes payable on your death.

Kurtina encourages potential clients to contact her as soon as they think it is time to create or review their will and/or power of attorney documents.

She and her team will spend time with you to ensure that your will is customized to address the uniqueness of your family and your assets. She will explain the steps that she and her team will undertake and the work that you need to complete in order to successfully create and implement an estate plan.