Family Law

Jonathan Quaglia, the senior lawyer at the firm, manages the family law practice area.

Areas of Family Law expertise:

  • Division of assets
  • Spousal support
  • Child support
  • Custody/residency
  • Separation agreements
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Marriage contracts
  • Superior Court Applications

We Provide Reassurance

Many family law clients are confused and sad when they make the first call to our office.  Understanding this, Jon and his staff are caring and compassionate. During your first phone call, we will ask you just enough questions to find out whether Jon will be able to assist you or if a referral to another lawyer or professional is more appropriate.

Usually, Jon does not require clients to bring any documents to the first meeting. It is a bit of a job interview.  Both you and Jon have to decide whether you can work together to resolve your matrimonial issues.  Jon will ask you background questions, provide you with an overview of how the law is likely going to apply to your circumstances, and provide you with a quote for hiring our office.

Jon has successfully resolved files with farming and business clients having to liquidate their life work. Jon has successfully resolved complex spousal support claims allowing his clients to live a life of dignity and financial security. Jon has also successfully resolved situations where children have become polarized as a result of a marriage breakdown. 

We Provide Education

You can only make good decisions if you understand the rights and obligations of you and your spouse, and if you understand the resolution process.  As a result, Jon will spend a lot of time talking to you in plain language about both parties’ rights, obligations and the resolution process.

If a matter can be resolved via negotiation or mediation, then Jon will ensure you understand how the process will unfold. He will ensure you understand the issues to be discussed, the positions likely to be taken, the strategies to avoid log-jams and what can be considered a successful resolution.  

If a matter requires a court application, Jon will ensure you receive an overview of all steps involved. Before each step in the process, Jon will provide additional detail about what to expect and how long the process will take.  Lastly, Jon will talk to you about opportunities to resolve your matter before taking the next step in the litigation process.

We Provide Advice

Jon recognizes that you can only make good decisions if he provides you with solid advice. Due to his many years of family law experience, Jon has a strong history of successful trials, arbitrations, mediations and four-way meetings. Jon will provide reliable advice on which process is likely to result in a successful resolution of your family law matter.

Some files require that a child psychologist, tax expert or a business lawyer provide a specialized report. Jon has an extensive rolodex of experts that he works with on a regular basis and will ensure you obtain the best information available before decisions are made to resolve your matter.

Lastly, Jon will provide you with advice on how to make an attractive offer to resolve your issue and will review with you the advantages and disadvantages of offers made by opposing counsel.  With his experience and confidence, Jon will explain in plain language all of the advice that he provides to you.

We Provide Resolution

Sometimes, a successful resolution is achieved quickly: the parties agree on the outstanding issues, how they can best be resolved, a contract is drafted, both parties sign off and the file is closed. Should the parties not be able to bridge the gap between their positions, the matter will have to be resolved in court and Jon will present your position to the Judge in the best light possible.

Ultimately, a family law proceeding is about you and your life.

Our preferred goal is to find a fair resolution for you without going to court. Jon Quaglia and his team take great care to ensure that you understand your costs and options through this process.

To speak with the family law clerk, please call 519-352-8580 ext. 105

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