Family Law

J. Quaglia Law represents clients through the process of negotiating cohabitation and marriage contracts, separation agreements, and divorces. With decades of mediation and trial experience, we have unique local experience valuing farm properties, business assets, and business income for family law purposes.

Jon’s experience as a family law lawyer is important to you because…

  • family relationships and family law are not simple. In order to resolve a separation, the parties need to come to terms about how much time each party will parent the children, child support obligations, spousal support obligations, the division of assets and what they are going to do with the family home. Jon’s knowledge of business structures, real estate law, and all the legislation and case law that family law encompasses is unique in the local community.
  • of his capacity to visualize early-on in the matter the terms of a reasonable resolution and then guide the matter towards that outcome; sometimes through negotiations, sometimes through mediation and sometimes through the trial process. This is why Jon is one of Chatham-Kent’s premier family law lawyers.

Jon encourages potential clients to contact him as early as they first sense that they may need the services of a family law lawyer.

He and his team will spend time with you to ensure you understand your current circumstances, how the law applies to your situation, possible outcomes, and the likely cost of resolving your family law issues. When you are ready, Jon will explain the steps that he and his team will undertake, and the work that you will need to complete in order to move towards the resolution of your family law situation.