Estate Litigation

J. Quaglia Law represents caregivers who need to make guardianship applications, Trustees who are required to pass their accounts and interested parties who are defending or challenging the validity of a will or other testamentary document.

Jon’s experience as an estate litigation lawyer is important to you because…

  • these matters are often legally complex and emotionally distressing. Most estate litigation files involve accounting issues. Jon collaborates with a team of specialists who are able to quickly assemble an accounting (in the event you are required to pass your accounts) or efficiently review accounts presented to you (in event you are challenging an accounting).
  • from time-to-time, issues arise about whether a testator freely signed a will that expressed their true intention. Jon is familiar with amassing the kind of forensic medical and retroactive factual evidence judges require before giving consideration to these types of claims.
  • his understanding of real estate law, business structures, and family law are often called upon in estate litigation files. Most impressively, Jon is able to persuasively present all of the voluminous materials that arise in an estate litigation file in a manner that is clear, organized, legally sound and often adopted by the decision-maker.

Jon encourages potential clients to contact him as soon as they feel that an issue has arisen in the administration of an estate that may cause concerns.

Jon and his team will spend time with you to ensure you understand your current circumstances, how the law applies to your situation, possible outcomes, and the likely cost of resolving your estate matter.