Corporate Law

J. Quaglia Law recognizes the limitation of our ability to provide all practice areas internally. As a result, we have a unique referral program with the Siskinds Law Firm in London, Ontario. The program allows our business clients to tap the “bench strength” of one of Southwest Ontario’s largest law firms under the watchful eye of our office through the process of incorporation, business acquisition, employment contracts, union issues, and commercial divestitures.

Siskind’s experience as one of Southwest Ontario’s largest business law firms is important to you because….

  • your business needs can become complex very quickly. It may seem daunting to rely on an outside business firm for routine incorporations and annual general resolutions. But the underlying theory is pretty simple: as your business becomes increasingly successful, you  will eventually need specialized lawyers with experience creating family trust documents, butterfly transaction, joint venture agreements or the sale of shares.
  • complicated issues often arise in business: disagreements between shareholders, union certification votes and commercial litigation issues. As a result of our Referral Agreement, Siskinds will provide large firm quality work at a cost that is very similar to local Chatham-Kent costs. Plus, you benefit from already being a large firm client when these complex business issues arise.

Jon manages the business referral program from our end and Stacey Bothwell, a partner in the Siskinds Business Law Group, manages the program at their end. Most local accountants are familiar with our referral program and are enthusiastic to work with Stacey and the Siskinds Business Law Group.