J. Quaglia Law provides guidance to guardians appointed by court order, attorneys appointed by power of attorney, and Estate Trustee’s either with a will or without a will on the complexities of managing the trusts that fall within their responsibilities. Estate administration carries with it serious consequences. That is why we provide clients who are administering trusts an overview of their responsibilities and clear, direct advice on each step required to conclude the matter in a reasonable period of time.

Kurtina’s experience as an estates lawyer is important to you because…

  • most Estate Trustee’s and Attorney’s appointed under a Power of Attorney document require someone to guide them through managing the expectations of beneficiaries, their accounting obligations, and the significant legal consequences attaching to their position.
  • most of our clients are thrust into the position of Estate Trustee with no training and little understanding about what they have to do first, and then next, and next after that.
  • Kurtina will spend as much time as you require to keep you calm, answer your questions, and help you establish a checklist of timelines and work that needs to be done so that the estate entrusted to you will be administered in a timely manner and as tax efficiently as possible. 

Kurtina encourages potential clients to contact her as early as possible upon discovering their appointment as an Estate Trustee or an Attorney under a Power of Attorney document.

Kurtina and her team will spend time with you to ensure you understand your obligation to secure assets, minimize expenses, account for transactions, and your entitlement to payment. She will explain the steps that she and her team will undertake, and the work that you will need to complete, in order for you to successfully finalize the work that your loved one or friend entrusted to you in their Will or Power of Attorney document.