Civil Litigation

Quaglia Law understands that legal disputes can arise in various aspects of life, often leading to complex challenges and uncertainties. We will guide you through the process of resolving disputes between individuals, businesses, or organizations through the court system. We have represented clients facing a range of issues pertaining to contract breaches, real estate and property disputes, commercial and farm lease disputes, and more.

Meghan’s special skills as a Civil Litigator are important to you because she takes a client-centered approach. Her primary goal is to protect your rights and interests while seeking the most favorable resolution for your case. Meghan will prioritize your needs and tailor her approach to your unique circumstances while approaching each case with a strategic mindset and exploring all viable options to achieve the best possible outcome.

Meghan encourages potential clients to contact her as early as possible should they feel they will be part of a civil suit. Meghan and the J. Quaglia team will spend time to fully understand your situation, how the law will apply, how to best resolve all issues and the likely cost of the legal services. Meghan will take you through the steps that will be undertaken to resolve your legal case and give you peace of mind.