The Donut Shop

The building at 193 Queen Street was originally constructed by Otto Seegers in 1967 as Chatham’s first donut shop. The building immediately stood out because of its unique hexagonal shape and glass walls. Eight massive wooden beams at each corner of the building support the exterior walls and the roof which explains the donut shop’s unique shape. For a short period of time in the 1970’s, the building was leased to The Baker’s Donut Shop’s Limited and then to Davey’s Fabulous Foods Ltd. Otto Seegers took back the property in 1974, running a series of restaurants until sold to Murray Duff enterprises in 1980. 

Over the years the building was renovated and the glass walls were replaced with white brick. The building has been used as a restaurant, an insurance office, a health center and now a law firm. In 2017, Jon renovated and expanded the size of the building. A new roof was constructed over the hexagon and the addition. The hexagon still exists and remains visible from the inside the staff wing of the building

We have a huge number of client’s who have very, very fond memories of “the donut shop” and we love hearing your stories and seeing your pictures of “our building”. Below are pictures clients have brought us over the years as well as photos of our 2017 expansion. If you have photos from bygone days of our building please stop in with a copy that we can add to this collection.