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“Practicing law” means finding the best possible outcomes. Jon’s blogs will help you see how certain legal issues are identified, the law that is applied and “the best possible outcome”.

A long time ago when I was attending law school, our exams were tests of endurance. The professors provided us with stories (also known as fact patterns) that seemed unbelievably complicated. During the exams our job was to: identify the legal issues, explain the law, and then apply the law to the fact pattern in order to achieve the “best possible outcome.” There was no point after the exam to compare answers with the other students, as there was a broad range of possible outcomes. Fifty to one hundred very smart future lawyers all had unique approaches to answering the questions. Because of these different approaches, this is why lawyers say we are “practicing law.” There are often many “best possible outcomes” and many and often many paths leading to those very different outcomes.

In this blog, I will provide a Chatham- Kent based fact pattern (like all fact patterns the individuals are not real, the facts are made up, and any similarity to a real life situation is purely coincidental) and informational blog posts. This blog is not here to provide legal advice. If you would like to proceed with legal advice after reading, please call our office. This blog is simply here to answer questions about the procedure of some legal processes.

I will do my best over the next several months in blog entries to identify the issues, explain the applicable law (with references to case law, newspaper articles and CRA publications where applicable), and apply the law to the fact pattern in order to achieve the “best possible outcome.” I anticipate posting a new blog one time a month.

Thanks for reading. Talk soon,

– Jon